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NGO “Green Earth”

NGO “Green Earth” (GE) is a Georgian non-profit, non-political, non-governmental organisation. The main goal of “Green Earth” is to motivate and assist people and improved environmental protection and sustainable development.
“Green Earth” was established in November – 1994, new registration was made in 1999, the identifical number is: 202953214.
In 1994 the NGO was united the JSC “Ekoenergomontaz” which was established in 1985 and was implemented many Renewable Energy project in former soviet union countries.
“Green Earth” consists of 450 members: scientists and professors from the University, teachers, energy experts, policymakers, young specialists, businessmen and students.


  • -creation and utilization of environmental protective systems;
  • -environmental awareness and environmental education;
  • -public participation in EIA and ESIA;
  • -participation in environmental campaigns and actions;
  • -Monitoring and valuation ongoing and finished projects;
  • -publishing books, brochures, leaflets and organize TV and radio programmes;
  • -give expertise at the sustainable development all aspects;
  • -implementing of joint projects;
  • -Implementing Renewable Energy Projects;
  • -Observing and Monitoring election process;