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Assessment of Green Energy Resource in Ateni Valley (funded by GTZ)
Feasibility study of all kind of renewable energy resources. Informational Awareness to local NGOs and citizens. Organizing seminars and trainings to local beneficiaries. Preparation a brief study for Ateni Valley in Shida Kartli Region.

The project “The Implementation The Energy Efficiency Pilot Project by Using the New Generation Heating Pump for the First Time in Georgia”, was funded under the New Applied Technology Efficiency and Lighting Initiative (NATELI II) Project. (funded by USAID)
Through this project we prepare feasibility study in Shatili Shool-Pansion renewable energy possibility and buy - then install New generation heating Pump for the Shatili School-pansion. We also fixing diesel generator for the school and implementer training courses. Through these project we install new generation heating pump to heat Shoop-Pansion, giving hot water and making energy efficiency study.

“Innovative Combinations of Energy and ICTs” (2010 / 2011)
Working with Ozurgeti and Kutaisi Municipalities and Universities to organizing seminar and trainings on the basic of RE/EE technologies to Rural Energy Program staff, community mobilizers and grants managers. Funded by USAID and DOT.org,

Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia
Establishment of Energy Efficient Schools in Kutaisi (Georgia), Ganja (Azerbiajan) and Ararat (Armenia)
project “Establishment of Energy Efficient Schools in Kutaisi (Georgia), Ganja (Azerbaijan) and Ararat (Armenia). NGO “Green Earth” implements installation works of solar thermal and solar PV systems in the public school # 41 of Kutaisi (Georgia), public school #4 in Ganja and public school # 2 of Ararat (Armenia). Working closely with Kutaisi, Ganja and Ararat Municipalities.

Scientific-Research Conference “Energy and Environment” (1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011).
The “Green Earth” organizing national and regional scientific-research conferences :”Energy and Environment” and publishing conference books. The conferences was organizing in these years by own resources: 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.

Establishment Georgian Mountain Federation
Georgian Mountain Federation (GMF) is a National NGO established under support of Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). I was coordinating and Implemented pilot projects with close cooperation of Aspindza and Dusheti municipalitys om issues of: Lobbing for their interests; Improvement their skills and capacities for self-organizing; Know-how and technology transfer (Energy Efficiency and renewable Energy); Tourism development; Sustainable households; Developing these regions for international cooperations; organizing special trainings to Sweden with practice works; Organizing seminars and conferences;

Georgia and Azerbaijan
Eco Meeting Alazani River (1999/2000; Horisonti, ISAR, USAID)
The special feasibility study of Alazani River that crosses two countries (some cities of Azerbaijan use the river for drinking water). Prepare recommendation on how to clean the water using Renewable Energy Resources. Were organized pilot projects for children and school teachers. Working closely with Kutaisi and Kakhi Municipalitie (azerbaijan).

Voice of Caspian Sea (2000/2001, USAID Central Asia)
Broadcasting of the Caspian Sea use opportunities (broadcasts were highlighted on TV and Radio of Azerbaijan). Organized seminars on: how to use Caspian Sea for drinking water and how to clean the water using Renewable Energy Resources. Prepared recommendations for the Government of Azerbaijan.

Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan
Established Trans Caucasian Electronic Newsletter (1999/2003; OSI)
Every month, published Electronic Trans Caucasian newsletter on renewable energy, water, sustainable development and on youth movement situation.

Feasibility Study and Preparation for Investors Aspindza small hydro situation.
(2003/2004; SDC)
Prepared feasibility study of Aspindza region small hydro situation and economic review, which later was presented to investors.

“Green Action” Event (2000 - 2002; Geocell, JSC “Spetsheliotbomontaji”).
During the event we planted 22,000 trees in Kakheti and Samtredia and participated in more than 8,000 youth environmentalist. In this project were participated Samtredia and Telavi municilapities and all thear staff.

Project: “Solar Energy in the Monastery” (2002 - 2005, 2007).
Under this project NGO “Green Earth” produced and installed Solar Photovoltaic Systems and Solar Hot Water
Systems in the Monastery: Martkopi; David Gareji; Foki; Shio Mgvime; Samtavro; Ubisa; Semo Fshavi; Kaspi Children Care House, Catholic Church in Tbilisi; “Peristsvaleba” Castle.

Creation of Favorable Conditions for Ecological Education Development in Western Georgia (2003), Japan Government.
The project was implemented in Khoni, school N3. Make Energy Feasibility study, than starting reconstruction according to study and Established environmental education clases.
In 2001 under Swiss government, SDC financial support NGO “Green earth” with consortium group established “Georgian Mountain Federation”. This organization was implemented IFAD projects with the ministry of Agriculture.

In 2002 the “Green Earth” was established and heading Youth Employment Summit Georgia National Network. http://www.yesweb.org/networks.htm

In 2000 heading the Energy NGO Coalittion of Georgia.

Since 1996 we are the ISES Georgia. www.ises.org

In 2001 and 2002 we signed memorandum of cooperation between Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Georgia and Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgaia and NGO’s, the president of our organization (Nugzar Meladze) is headed this NGO coalition. According this memorandum we have rights to participate and provide monitoring the governmental projects.
Dr. Nugzar Meladze (junior) – President / Executive Director, Georgian