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Constitution of the Green Earth

1. General Provisions
1.1 Registered Union GREEN EARTH (hereinafter referred as Union) is free will public union, non-profit, non-political and non-governmental organization that is acting according to the Constitution of Georgia, Civil Code of Georgia and other acting Legislation of Georgia, International norms and this charter.
1.2 The Union is Private Law legal entity of non-entrepreneurial character.
1.3 The Union is acting due to its aims and goals on the whole territory of Georgia and outside its borders.
1.4 The Legal address of the Union is: 4 v, MazniaSvilis Str., Tbilisi, Georgia

2. Aims and Goals of the Union

2.1 The aims and goals of the Union are to facilitate to making popular renewable energies, ecological conditions, youth movement, sustainable development, energy efficiency and power in Georgia and outside its borders.

3. Forms of activities of the Union

3.1 The Union with the reason of reaching its aims and goals is authorized to conduct any kind of activities that are not prohibited by the Law. Forms of activities requiring special permit, the union will carry out only on the grounds of the obtained appropriate permit

4. Members of the Union

4.1 The member of the Union can become any person with the right to vote who recognizes charter of the Union. Collective membership that could be represented by other legal person is also permitted, unless the Law does not limit them.
4.2 Issuing appropriately drawn up certificate of the Union states the membership of the Union.
4.3 For becoming a member of the Union it is necessary to make an application to the president.
4.4 The member of the Union has right to:
4.4.1 elect and be elected in any entity
4.4.2 participate in solving any issue
4.4.3 receive information about activity of the Union and its entities after consent of by the president
4.4.4 benefit from the property of the Union according to the approved rules.
4.4.5 to make application, suggestion or compliant to any entity of the Union and to receive the answer.
4.5 The member of the Union is obliged:
4.5.1 participate in the activity of the Union, carry out demands of the charter.
4.5.2 fulfill decisions of the elected entities of the Union
4.5.3 pay charter input according to the rule and amount stated by the Board.
4.6 Members of the Union have no right to act on behalf of the Union without permission of the management entities.
4.7 The Union is responsible only on the activity of the member that is connected with the activity of the Union.
4.8 The right of the member of the Union is terminated
- on the basis of his/her own application
- according to the decision of the court stating incapable, from the date of entering the decision into force
- dying
- according to the decision of the Board or President when his/her activity is against the aims and goals of the Foundation and break provision of this charter
- in case of liquidation

5. Organizational structure of the Union
5.1 The highest body of the Union is the General Meeting
5.2 The management body of the Union is the Board
5.3 The General meeting is authorized to take decision on the following issues:
- approving the charter and making amendments to it
- defining strategy of the Union
- taking decision about reorganization and liquidation of the Union.
5.4 The General Meeting makes decision by simple majority of votes, except for cases defined by the Law.
5.5 The authorized entity on representation and management of the Union is the Board and the President of the Union.
5.6 The Board consists of the President of the Union, vice-president and 3 members.
5.7 The General Meeting elects the President of the Union by simple majority of votes.
5.8 The members of the General Meeting are only active members of the Union.
5.9 The Board approves the vice-president introduced by the President.
5.10 The President and the vice-president of the Union represent the Union against third parties.
5.11 The Meeting of the Board is conducted twice per year in case of necessity could be scheduled additional meetings by the decision of the President.
5.12 The Meeting of the Board is authorized if 2/3 members of the Board are present.
5.13 All members of the Board have one vote during making decision.
5.14 The Board takes decision by the majority of the persons attended or votes presented.
5.15 The Board in the framework of its competence
- monitors property of the Union;
- approves programs to be implemented and their coordinators;
- makes decisions about establishment of the branch offices of the Union, approves their charter and appoints their managers;
- takes decisions for reaching goals and aims of the charter;
- conducts liquidation and reorganization of the Union.
5.16 The President:
- represents the Union against third persons;
- conducts monitoring of financial sources and other material property of the center and is responsible for their appropriate usage;
- presides Board Meetings;
- signs all documents that are connected with the name of the Union;
- makes decision about membership in other organizations;
- defines staff and personnel of the Union, limited funds of the salary for the personnel entities;
- elaborates and submits to the Board the annual plan of the activity of the Union;
- carries out other functions in the framework of the authority granted by the Board;
- solves other issues that are not designated to the authority of the entities by this charter.

6. Assets of the Union

6.1 The property and financial sources of the Union is made of:

- contributions of the members;
- benefit received from the additional entrepreneur and economical activity;
- donation of the legal and physical entities from Georgia and abroad;
- grants;
- other incomes received by the lawful activity.
6.2 The property of the Union could be used only for fulfillment of the goals and aims of the charter and for the reason of charity.

7. Branch offices of the Union

7.1 The Union has right to open branch offices (representation) in Georgia as well as outside of its borders;
7.2 The charter of the Branch offices is approved by the Board of the Union according to this charter and existing legislation;
7.3 The decision about establishment of the Branch offices is made by the Board;
7.4 The Branch office is not a legal entity and carries out its activities on the basis of the act approved by the Board.

8. Ceasing of the activity of the Union

8.1 The Union has been established for unlimited period;
8.2 The reorganization (joining, merging, separation, splitting, restructuring) of the Union is conducted according to the rules defined by the Law;
8.3 The liquidation of the Union is conducted:
- according to the decision of the founders;
- at the bankrupting;
- while annulling of the registration in case defined by the Law.

9. Final Provisions
9.1 This charter enters into force from the date of registration at the Court;
9.2 The amendments of this charter could be made only by the decision of the Board.
9.3 Any amendment to the charter will be made in writing, approved by the notary and registered at the court.
9.4 If any provision of the present Charter is null and void it will not effect at the Charter in whole. Instead of the invalid provision there will be applied the applicable rule which enable the Union to attain its aims and goals.